Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Pics!

Isn't this photo wonderful?  It looks to me as if it's a family portrait with husband, wife, and 8 children. It was taken around 1900.

I'm loving the Turkey Tracks Quilt, and there is also a framed piece hanging behind the family in front of the quilt.  I think the words at the top say "Family Record" but I can't tell if the ovals contain photographs or something else.

Do you see the paper accordion decoration that the little girl on the far right is holding?  I wonder what special occasion this commemorated?

So many untold stories!

A Blessed Sunday to You!


  1. That must be an open door to the right, with lots of wood stacked outside. Isn't it strange how no one smiles 'back then', and now all we try to do is get someone to smile when we take their picture. :-) Now if this was a photo, you could fix it, and we could see it much better! The guy on the left looks like he ready to get it over with. :-) Love that quilt!

  2. You're right, that must be a door! I hadn't figure that out. I thought maybe they had draped the quilt on something outside!

    The not smiling bit is just so there wouldn't be movement because the exposures took so long.

    When I saw this photo, I really wanted to fix it, but it is a copyrighted image, so I didn't feel I could do anything with it! :-)