Saturday, July 25, 2015

Where and How Can I Display My Little Quilts??

Display Ideas for Small Quilts

I have become a lover of small quilts.  I like making them because I can try a pattern in miniature before I make a big one....or not!  They are so cute and I really enjoy the little-bitty piecing.

For those of you who also enjoy making "Littles," I thought it might be fun to take a tour of some ideas on how to display them.

There are as many ways to do this as there are creative people!  These are just a few.  I've linked to where the Pinterest photos originated.  Have fun!


Basket of Red & White Quilts


Wooden Crate of Antique Quilts


Clothesline Hung With Minis

Small Quilts on a Clothesline

Doll Beds

Antique Quilt on a Doll Bed


Little Quilt in a Frame

Cute Hangers & Easels

Little Quilts on Easels and Hangers

Old Hangers

Little Quilt on an Old Pants Hanger


Quilts on an Iron Wall Rack


Little Quilts on a Barn Wall

Small Quilts on a Hallway Wall

Wall Cabinets

Little Quilt in a Wall Rack

Yardstick Gallery

Little Quilts in a Yardstick Gallery

So, are you going to take part of your Saturday and find a way to display some of your "Littles"?  I'm trying out a few in my mom's old standing sewing box.  I'll let you know how it goes!

We'd love to hear about and see how you display your little quilts.  Please leave us a comment and tell us about your ideas!

Happy Quilting!!


  1. Cute ideas! Makes me want to make a few Littles. :-)

  2. So inspiring! I may use my practice squares I do for the block of the week to make mini quilts.