Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Pics!

Not very often is there a photo that displays as much information as this one does.

Dakota women and children at a quilting party about 1885

It was originally found on "Pendroy Surname" but it is no longer an active site.

It looks to me as if it's from a family photo album and that perhaps the labeling was done as part of a scrapbook project.

There is apparently a child to the right of the third adult woman from the left, but I can't see her.  And another under the quilting frame. ☺

I always love an Irish Chain quilt and I wish I knew what colors were used here.  And to whom the quilt belonged or was to be given.

What a great piece of Dakota History.  I'm currently reading "Pioneer Girl," the autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and part of it takes place in Dakota Territory during the same year as this photo was taken.  It gives me an additional glimpse into the "look" of the time period.

Isn't it wonderful?

A Blessed Sunday to You!


  1. What a wonderful photo - just thought I'd comment about the "child to the right of the third adult woman" - the child is to the woman's right, not our right as you look at the photo (the child is between the second and third woman on the left of the photo....I can see a child's head and a white dress/shirt on her. I would love to hear the chatter in that room as they worked on that quilt!

  2. Thanks for commenting! Yes, there is a child to her right, and in the description above the photo, there is an extra name that would lead me to believe that there is perhaps another child in there somewhere. (Gertrude - in white - (to Susie's right, our left), Susie, Lizzie Pendroy?). The next adult looked more like a "Mrs. McKay" to me than the next, younger, woman, so I was guessing there must be a child there that we can't really see. But admittedly, there is no visual proof. Maybe the description is wrong! ☺

  3. I like this one! I'd love to know the conversation too. :-) That's a huge buck on the wall with the little scarf around its neck!
    Thanks for posting these Sunday pics and all the work you do here. ♥

  4. Yeah, there's a lot in this photo! So much fun to notice all the fun things that tell a story. :-)