Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Pics!

Jolly Quilters

When I found this photo, the caption read "Quilters are a jolly bunch!"  I had to laugh!

Back in the day, photography was not what it is today.  To get a clear image, the subjects had to hold very still for the duration of the exposure. Thus the somber expressions.  I once worked in a "Daguerreian" studio and used one of the old cameras on a stand.  While we didn't employ the methods used on the old metal daguerreotypes, the process was still a slow affair and the people had to hold very still and not smile while we made the shot.

These ladies were probably just as "jolly" as we are and were delighted to share their work for posterity.  Don't you just love the hair?  And the shirt-waists?  And the profusion of tucks!!

If you're at all interested in the daguerreian process, here are a couple of links explaining the beginnings of photography:

Back then there was a lot of sickness related to the business of photography due to the use of mercury.  I'm grateful for digital now!!

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