Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Pics!

This is a treasure of a photo.

Doesn't it look like an extended family gathering?  Maybe the eldest members are on the ends of the group, with siblings and children and grandchildren in between?

Just on edge of the photo at the right is a small section of a "Seven Sisters" quilt.  This quilt block pattern dates to the mid-1800's, as far as I can determine.  Based on the clothing, the photo is from the turn of the century, and I wonder if the quilt is old and a cherished part of family history.

Notice what looks like electrical wiring on the outside of the house.

Don't you just love old photos??

A Blessed Sunday to You!


  1. That fellow, third from the left, seems to be marching to the beat of a different drummer! I always wish I knew the story behind great pictures like this one. Thanks for sharing it.