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Saturday at the Quilt Museum - Lone Star / Star of Bethlehem Quilts - Part 1

Big Star Quilt Collage

Stars are one of my favorite quilt patterns.  I find myself going to them over and over again.  However, I have never attempted the complex design of the Star of Bethlehem -Lone Star- Star of the East - Morning Star pattern.  As I was looking for information about possible differences between the patterns, I came across an article at  I have ended up at their site many times and often come away with invaluable material.  What I learned is that all the different names are for the same pattern.  There are variations on the theme, but all are made with radiating diamonds in various color arrangements.

So, for the next couple of weeks, we'll take a look at them.  They are so numerous, I didn't want to miss any and also didn't want to cram them into one post!

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Silk Lonestar Quilt
Nina Fletcher Little
100" x 104"

Silk Lonestar Quilt Nina Fletcher Little

This first one grabbed my attention because of the fact that it's made of silk.  Can you imagine??  It's hard enough to piece with cotton!  And all those bias seams.  Wow.

The pattern is executed in a medallion style with the Lonestar in the center, surrounded by feathered stars.  Then there are 8 frames of various pieced elements which surround it.  It is also made in the 3-sided border style, leaving the top "pillow" edge without two of the last interior frames.

You can see a bigger picture at Pook & Pook Inc. (Great name, huh?) :-)

* * * * * * *
Lone Star Variation
Eliza Miranda Allen Green
Lone Star Variation Eliza Miranda Allen Green

The way Miss Eliza used color in this rendition of a Lone Star is amazing to me.  It almost pulses when I look at it for very long.  The big diamonds in green are unusual and so fitting in the pattern.  The concentric rings of diamonds in subtle neutrals, punctuated with red and brown rings, just works!  The stars and partial stars in the corners and setting triangles are beautifully artful.  The fabrics are very interesting, also.  Well done!

* * * * * * *
Lone Star with Broderie Perse
African American Slave Quilts
Unknown Maker
Lone Star with Broderie Perse African American Slave Quilt

I have found no additional information about this quilt other than the caption of the photo on Pinterest. The attribution only says "African American Slave Quilts, 1800's."

The colors are used so well and the center star carries the traditional look of the color variation in concentric circles.  Broderie Perse is used in the open areas and is a lovely chintz.  The border is wonderful in its echo of the center star and the corner LeMoyne blocks finish it beautifully.  

I am very curious about this one.  I would so like to know more.  In my reading about this topic, I understand that some of the lovely quilts from the period were made by house slaves who were extremely accomplished seamstresses.  That would explain this one and the fine materials used.

If anyone knows more about this piece, I'd love to hear from you!

* * * * * * *
Star of Bethlehem or Harvest Star
Unknown Maker

Star of Bethlehem or Harvest Star

This sunny version of the Star of Bethlehem or Harvest Star makes me happy.  I'm wondering if the maker lived in a place where grey skies predominated in much of the year, and she just wanted sunshine in her home?  I would!

Aren't those corner blocks amazing?  And the quilting in the open space, replicating the stars, is awesome.

There's no other information on it than what is above.  It was sold on eBay.

* * * * * * *

Part of what I read on talks about this next set of patterns: 

".....this same Star pattern, when made much smaller so that many cover the surface of the  quilt, is known by other names such as Blazing Stars, and when these points are touching, is called Touching Stars."

Sunburst Star and Puritan Star Quilt
Sarah Kyle
The DAR Museum Collection

Sunburst Star and Puritan Star Quilt Sarah Kyle

Touching Stars
Unknown Maker

Touching Stars

So, lots of little diamonds! Wow.  I've not found any more information on either of these two quilts, other than that the top one was in the 2008 International Quilt show.

They are very interesting.  I think I like the bigger ones better, though!

Next week we'll look at more Lone Star / Star of Bethlehem quilts which contain some unusual elements.

Happy Quilting!!

- I am not a quilt historian.  I simply enjoy finding interesting quilts and sharing them with you!
- The quilt images on this post were sourced from Pinterest unless otherwise noted, and are linked to their origin whenever possible.

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