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Saturday at the Quilt Museum - Oak Leaf Quilts

Oak Leaf Quilt Collage

Oak Leaf and Reel quilts - and any with oak leaves in the design - are intriguing to me.  I don't know if it's because I lived the majority of my life in California where oaks were everywhere, or just because they're pretty!

I've found a number of them that have an Oak Leaf pattern of some sort as the theme.  They are many and varied and so lovely.

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Oak Leaf Quilt
Hannah Nicholson Grave
Wayne County, Indiana

Oak Leaf Quilt by Hannah Nicholson Grave

Red, pink, and green were very popular color combinations for this pattern in the 1840's.  Hannah executed it beautifully, incorporating a lovely flowing border to surround the blocks.

 You can read more about it at Conner Prairie Textiles.

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Oak Leaf and Reel
Sally Conklin
Possibly New York
May 2, 1841
82" x 95"

Oak Leaf and Reel by Sally Conklin

What a fabulous two-color Oak Leaf quilt! When I posted this on Facebook, I noted that it looked as if it had been made of gingham check.  A reader found more information about it and it is actually fabric degeneration because of discharge bleach.  There is a link to read more about it below.  The border is wonderful with its peafowl, squirrels, leaves, flowers and grapes.  Such detail. When I read about the pattern, it was fun to see that the peafowl are eating embroidered flies!

You can read more about the quilt at International Quilt Study and Museum.
You can read more about the fabric degeneration at this link on the same website: Discharge Bleach Damage  Just scroll down the page a bit and you'll see three photos of the quilt.

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Oak Leaf and Reel
Elanor A. Robinson
Probably Pennsylvania
August 8, 1843
78.5" x 94"

Oak Leaf and Reel by Elanor A. Robinson

This one was a surprise!  The previous quilt is for all the "red" folks, this one is for all the "blue" folks!

It's not often that a duplicate pattern is found, but here we see the same one done in a different color, two years later.  Amazing!  This kind of thing is what makes sleuthing so much fun!

I wonder if Sally and Elanor knew each other??

You can see more details at Olde Hope Antiques.

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"Vanity of Vanities" Quilt
Emily Holbert
Chester, New York
85" x 102"

"Vanity of Vanities" Quilt by Emily Holbert

A beautiful Oak Leaf and Reel quilt entitled "Vanity of Vanities."

Unlike most quilts of the period, this one has lots of documentation and sentiment worked into the actual quilt.  The maker, Emily Holbert, appliqued these words in block letters around the border:

Emily Holbert's Quilt: Worked January, A.D. 1847
Chester, Orange County, New York.
Industry And Proper Improvement of Time. 1847
Vanity of Vanities.  All is Vanity.

The combination of green and red is also used in this piece and the work is excellently done.

You can see more about it at the National Museum of American History.

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New York State Quilt with Oak Leaf & Florals
Julie Ann Smith
New York
84" x 99"
New York State Quilt with Oak Leaf & Florals by Julie Ann Smith

This is not an Oak Leaf and Reels quilt, but has oak leaves as part of the design.  It really caught my interest because of how beautifully it presents.

It is a New York State Quilt made by Julie Ann Smith sometime in the 1800's.  It is titled "Oak Leaf and Florals" and for me it just sparkles!  The blocks have the same feel that the Oak Leaf and Reels blocks have, but are made up of different elements.  I love the sunbursts in the centers, and especially how the alternate blocks echo the pattern in miniature.  The sweet border just caps it for me.

For a couple of additional pictures, you can go to Live Auctioneers.  Just scroll down a little.

There are so many beautiful Oak Leaf quilts out there!  A quick Pinterest search will yield lots to enjoy!

Thanks for joining me on this tour of Oak Leaf Quilts!

Happy Quilting!!

- I am not a quilt historian.  I simply enjoy finding interesting quilts and sharing them with you!
- The quilt images on this post were sourced from Pinterest unless otherwise noted, and are linked to their origin whenever possible.

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