Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day! - Patriotic Baltimore Album Quilt!

Oh my, what a quilt!

Isn't it just stunning?  Every time I look at it, my resolve to NOT do a Baltimore grows weaker!

I simply love what the creators of this beauty did.

It is said that there are four signatures on the quilt and that it was made in 1846.  Who were these women??  Their attention to detail, their flair for balance and color, their workmanship -- all are fabulous.

As you can see, there are 25 blocks, four of which are strawberries and placed at each corner of the arrangement. The combination of red, green and yellow was common for Baltimore Album quilts, which dominates here, but I love the introduction of blue!  The use of blue ombre in the eagle and other elements is wonderful, and is focused mainly in the "X" of the 9 center blocks.  The exception is the 2nd block from the right in the top row.  There's a lovely blue flower included with the red and yellow.  I wonder if she who made it just loves blue like I do, and had to include it??

The border is very precisely planned.  See how each corner is the same?  I love the symmetry of that, and the softness it provides around the squares.

Here you can see more detail.  The applique is amazing.

Look at the "weaving" in the flower vase!

The use of the ombre in the eagle is beautiful. And the Broderie Perse is sweet in the trailing flower on the left side of the block.  The little bit of brown used there and in various other strategically placed spots nicely sets off the other colors.

 The quilting on it is also beautifully done.  Notice the flow of the echo-quilting in the eagle block.  I wish I could see it in person!

The quilt is 100" x 101".  I think that means 16" blocks and 10" borders.  Almost big enough for a king size bed!

So, Happy Independence Day!
I am grateful to live here and enjoy the freedoms yet remaining to us.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Absolutely beautiful!
    Happy 4th to you too!

  2. I agree such a gorgeous quilt! There is so much work in these. I hope to get mine quilted this winter or at least a good start!

  3. I am absolutely blown away by the snow artist's work! Crop circles have nothing on this guy!