Saturday, July 18, 2015

Quilt Patterns in the Snow!

"Simon Beck, snow artist, has the Alps for his canvas."

This is a bit off the normal track for me, but I came across these gorgeous pictures of snow art, and I saw quilt patterns! Go figure. :-)

The man who does this is Simon Beck.  His work is beyond amazing.  Not much commentary is needed, obviously.

They are captioned with the quilt pattern that came to mind when I saw each of them.

Simon Beck Snow Art  "Birds in the Air"

"Birds in the Air"

* * *

Simon Beck Snow Art  "Intricate Pieced Circle"

"Intricate Pieced Circle Medallion"

* * *

Simon Beck Snow Art  "Lone Star"

"Lone Star"

* * *

Simon Beck Snow Art  "Tumbling Blocks"

"Tumbling Blocks"

* * *

Simon Beck Snow Art  "Mariner's Compass"

"Mariner's Compass"

* * *

Simon Beck Snow Art  "Sunflower"


* * *

Simon Beck Snow Art "Hexies"


Amazing, aren't they?!  Wow.

He has a book of photographs of his artwork.  You can find it here:

I hope you find time for stitching this weekend!
Happy Quilting!!

Photographs were all found on Pinterest.

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