Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday at the Quilt Museum!

Ocean Waves

You know that feeling when you see a quilt, and somehow it speaks to you?  And pretty soon, you just know you have to make it?

That's how it was for me with this green Ocean Waves quilt that I saw at The Quilt Index. It even ended up on our website header!

Here is the EQ7 version I created based on the original.  It has a divided center block, with one row of triangles around it.  A sea of green......

Original Quilt Information:

  • 76.5" x 78"
  • It was hand pieced and hand quilted by a Scott family member in New Jersey.
  • It is dated 1850.
  • You can see the original at the Quilt Index here.

And this is another one that speaks to me.  I recreated it in EQ7, as well.  I love the rich colors and the play of lights and darks that almost seem to reflect the nature of sparkling water.  You'll notice that the blocks are made differently from those in the green one above.  The quilter used a solid center, surrounded by two rows of triangles.  Isn't color amazing?

Original Quilt Information:

  • 71" x 79"
  • Hand-pieced and hand-quilted by an unknown quilter.
  • It was made in c1870.
  • It resides in the New England Quilt Museum's permanent collection.
  • You can see the original at the Quilt Index here.

If you're interested in looking at more Ocean Waves quilts from the 1850-1875 period, you can follow this link to take walk into the past and rejoice in the diversity and creativity of our quilting fore-mothers!

Thanks for joining me on our jaunt to the Quilt Museum!

Happy Quilting!

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a quilt historian.  I simply enjoy finding interesting quilts and sharing them with you!

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