Friday, August 12, 2016

A note about the 2015 Peace and Healing Block of the Week......

"Peace & Healing" - 2015 Block of the Week

We have decided to offer this quilt in a new Block of the Week format, and so I have taken in down from the blog.

If you didn't finish gathering the patterns and instructions, please contact me through the link below and I will work it out with you.

If you are interested in making this quilt, the project will be available again beginning next month (September, 2016). 

Please check back here for information on how to sign up for the program. It will still be free.  Thanks!


  1. Oh, good. Sometimes it's overwhelming to see a whole quilt in front of me, but I can deal with a block a week. I hope I don't miss the directions for getting the e-mails!

    1. Susan, I will be posting the link here on the blog and it will also be on our website. If you haven't already followed this blog by email, you can sign up at the top of this page on the right, and you won't miss a post! And the same for our newsletter. There's a blue "Newsletter Signup" button on the right, as well. The newsletter will carry the information about the project in a few weeks.