Monday, March 7, 2016

Introducing our new product line - Simpliqué!

We are really excited to introduce our new product line!

If you would love to appliqué, but struggle with needle-turning,
these products are for you!

Simpliqué (sounds like appliqué) was born out of my own desire to be able to do beautiful appliqué work simply and with no needle-turning.

Whenever confronted with a project that required the skill, I would just go to pieces.  Many of my friends love to do it and have commented on how relaxing it is for them.  Somehow that just never happened for me!

Some of those same friends showed me how they used plastic Mylar discs to create beautiful fabric circles for appliqué.  Then another friend - who  is also "needle-turn challenged" - decided to try to make leaves in the same manner.  It worked!  The Simpliqué idea was born!

This piece is done with Simpliqué leaves!

We currently have 6 Simpliqué leaf sets with more shapes to come.

  • Simpliqué shapes are made of heat-resistant Mylar.
  • They are easily traced around for marking and cutting fabric pieces.
  • With the use of simple basting stitches, fabric can be cinched around the shapes.
  • When Best Press or spray starch is used, the fabric holds its shape beautifully for simple appliqué with no needle-turning.
  • Each set has 4 of each leaf size for streamlining at your pressing station.
Quick Visual Tutorial

For more detailed information, please watch our video tutorial!

The product line is on our website and can be purchased there!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Beautiful block. Wish I had had those templates when making the original!